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VitalRay offers comprehensive, state of the art medical imaging services to help provide early detection diagnosis and treatment to patients in a convenient, outpatient setting. We use technology to enable radiologists to have instant access to computerized digital images and reports which are directly sent to doctors affording the unparalleled ability for the radiologists to consult with doctors. Read more..

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VitalRay imagine MRI machine



“I have been served at VitalRay twice as a patient and my experience both times was great. From reception to completion of service; everyone is friendly and very professional. The cost of imaging is also easy on the pocket. The centre is impressively clean.  Because of all this I have not hesitated recommending them to my friends and family.”

Dr. Lorraine Maveke

 “I have enjoyed a cordial partnership with VitalRay Medical Imaging for over two years now. My patients have had the opportunity to enjoy world-class quality, timely & affordable diagnostic services.

Rarely do you get an opportunity to work with a diagnostic company that has talented and dedicated staff as VitalRay. Their TAT is top draw. They have an unusual command of the basic and sophisticated imaging services. Their reports are timely and vividly explained.

As a doctor, my observation is that they have exceeded every expectation in diagnostic differentiation and effectiveness. VitalRay has brought professionalism in diagnostic imaging!”

Dr. Richard Kuria (Ivory Health Solutions Limited)

“Having worked with VitalRay Medical Imaging for 4 years now, I can attest that they have filled a gap we did not know existed.

First, the opening hours have been convenient for both the patients and the doctors; it was previously a problem getting quality radiology services after 5pm. Second, the quality of examinations is very good and some scans are done in colour which makes it easy to interpret. VitalRay is a trend-setter in this respect and it is good to see some of the other radiology centres following suit. Third, there is no other imaging centre besides VitalRay which gives me positive prints which are especially useful when explaining pathology to patients.”

Prof. J.A.O Mulimba (Consultant Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon)

“VitalRay offers professional, cost-effective, reliable, efficient and patient-focused imaging solutions. I am particularly impressed by their wide array of the very latest equipment in imaging technology and highly skilled imaging specialists, making their turnaround time and reporting accuracy unmatched in Kenya.”

Dr. Brian Nyangeri (CEO, St. Mary’s Mission Hospital)

“I referred my first patient to VitalRay Medical Imaging in 2014 and what I got were probably the best 3D images and best reports I have ever received!”
Dr. Eric Kahugu, (Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon)

“My doctor referred me to VitalRay Medical Imaging for an MRI of the spine. The team there was fantastic, right from the front office, to the nurses and the team that operates the machines. The level of customer service of superb! The facility is clean and bright, I felt comfortable throughout the entire process.”
Kevin Nyongesa

“What I liked about VitalRay was the consistent high quality service which was friendly and professional. The procedure was explained to me in a manner I could easily understand.”
Anne Wangechi