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We are an outpatient hospital that provides fast and friendly service with accurate medical reports. At VitalRay, our team listens, understands the needs of our clients and develops suitable solutions. We have partnered with experienced doctors, leading hospitals, insurance companies and other corporates to provide access to quality healthcare.



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Consultant Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon

Prof. J.A.O Mulimba

Having worked with VitalRay Health Solutions Limited for 6 years now, I can attest that they have filled a gap we did not know existed. First, the opening hours have been convenient for both the patients and the doctors; it was previously a problem getting quality services after 5 pm. Second, the quality of examinations is excellent, and some scans are done in colour, which makes it easy to interpret. VitalRay is a trendsetter in this respect and it is good to see some of the other centres following suit. Third, there is no other imaging centre besides VitalRay which gives me positive prints which are especially useful when explaining pathology to patients.


Dr. Maina Kanyi

My patients have had the opportunity to enjoy quality, timely and affordable services in both Radiology and Laboratory services. VHS has a talented and dedicated team. Their accurate understanding of clients’ needs is one thing that sets them apart and ahead of all others. As a result, it becomes easier for VHS to deliver the right service with their unmatched efficiency and care to ensure the patient’s experience is great. VHS is doing an exemplary job.

Dr. Lorraine Maveke

When we send patient’s to VitalRay, the feedback they give us is very positive. From the reception at their main entrance to the actual procedures they perform, everyone is friendly and highly professional. The cost of procedures is also easy on the pocket. The centre is impressively clean. Because of all this, I have not hesitated in recommending them to my friends and family.

Dr. Eric Kahugu

I referred my first patient to VitalRay Health Solutions in 2014 and what I got were probably the best 3D images and best Reports I have ever received!

Daniel Waiharo (Patient)

When I had an issue that I thought would be difficult to resolve, I received wonderful, swift and patient service from VitalRay. Not only was I given much-needed help, but the staff also went over and beyond their duty to ensure that I received all the helpful information I needed at a very difficult time. This is not usually the norm at many hospitals and I really appreciate the help I received. I 100% would recommend VitalRay for the services and post-service support I got.