Billing Information

VitalRay is committed to making your experience at the center as pleasant as possible. In that regard, we have different modes of payment that you can choose based on your convenience.

Cash Payments

When you visit or book for an appointment at the center, you will be required to pay the full amount of money provided to enable you to proceed to your appointment or exam. Should you have any questions or queries, kindly call +254 (0)705 120 400 / +254 (0)737 556 119 or inform the receptionist at the center.

You may also pay via M-Pesa.

Paybill Number 841817

Bank Deposit/Transfer
Bank: Equity Bank
Branch: Mayfair Supreme Centre
A/c Number: 1510262138880
A/c Name: VitalRay Health Solutions Ltd

Card Payments
You may also pay by card at the reception area.

We are NHIF accredited, we will require the following documents from you upon your visit.

If the patient is an adult:

  • 1. Original NHIF Card
  • 2. Original National ID/Passport
  • 3. Duly filled, signed and stamped NHIF pre-authorization form
  • 4. Radiology request form

If the patient is a child:

  • 1.Original National ID or Passport of the parent/guardian
  • 2. Birth certificate of the child
  • 3. Valid school ID (If the child is school-going)
  • 4. Duly filled, signed and stamped pre-authorization form
  • 5. Radiology request form

If you are using another Insurance company (check if the Insurance company is a partner of VitalRay here). We will require you to fill in the Insurance claim form and deliver it to our offices along with the required documents mentioned here.

If you have any questions regarding billing, kindly send an email to or call us on +254 (0)737 556 119 or +254 (0)705 120 400.