Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to obtain diagnostic images of structures within the body. Ultrasound procedures can be used to view an unborn fetus, examine internal organs, show movement of internal tissues and organs, guide procedures such as needle biopsies, image the breast and evaluate body parts such as the thyroid and scrotum.

How do I prepare for an Ultrasound procedure?

You will be expected to wear comfortable clothing. For abdominal scans, you may be asked to refrain from eating a few hours prior to the procedure. If you are getting a pelvic ultrasound scan done, you will be required to have a full bladder. You may be asked to drink up to six (6) glasses of water 30 minutes prior to the procedure and avoid passing urine until the procedure begins.

What to expect during an Ultrasound procedure.

An Ultrasound procedure is painless and takes less than 30 minutes. After being positioned on the examination table, the Radiologist or Sonographer will apply a clear gel to the area being scanned. The gel eliminates air between the probe and the contact area for better transmission of sound waves to the targeted organ or area. The Sonographer firmly presses the transducer over the area being scanned to capture the image. A Radiologist or Sonographer will analyze the Ultrasound images and produce a Report that you can discuss with your doctor. You should be able to resume your normal activities shortly afterwards.